Who Are We


One Mission

Make Disciples as commisioned by Jesus we believe is the same mission all churches (organized bodies) and individuals should be striving towards.


One Love

 The Love of Christ is the main source of all our do.


One Church

 Although we belong to a denomination we do not believe that Gods original design of the Church was for these denominational ties to keep us from gathering with our other brothers and sisters but we believe that we can celebrate our difference and become the Church (The Bride of Christ).  

Core Values








We are a community of believers who passionately pursue the Love of Christ. We have fallen deeply and madly in love with the church which is THE BRIDE OF CHRIST and have decided that we no longer want to criticize the church or place judgement on the church but we will honor, praise, and bless the church which is THE BRIDE OF CHRIST

We put our faith and our hope in the Love of Christ and have made it our foundation for everything we do as a family. 

We believe that Christ shows that through true Love we can break barriers and bring down walls. The core of who we are is anchored in Love.

We have made it our desire and our mission to always make people feel like they BELONG in our family. We also believe and have found it true in our own lives and in the image of Christ that to SERVE is the true way to show our Love for one another. Our delight and our purpose is always to REACH outside the four walls of our closed in lives and draw others to the heart of the Father.

Love is how we will fulfill our vision of being multigenerational, multicultural and multi-locational as we give our lives to the ministry of Jesus Christ.


Seven13 Church (White Knoll/Redbank) Launch Date

Our official Launch date for Seven13 Church (White Knoll/Redbank) is set for 

September 13, 2020

Our team currently meets once a month and is actively serving our community.

Our team is driven by Belonging, Serving and Reaching. Our goal is that we would make a tangible difference in our surrounding communities through the Love of Christ and serving our neighbor.

Interested in learning ways you can invest in the vision or how to become a part of the "iServe" Team visit our CORE EVENTS page by clicking the button below.