We LOVE the Church!

Pastor Glenn and his family have been involved in ministry for more than 15 years and have had the honor of serving in some wonderful pastoral roles. Their hearts to see others discover and excel in that which God has purposed for their life has lead them into the church planting mission since 2014. 

“We believe fully in the Church that Christ established and we love the Church. Our desire is to be just one part of that great mission of God called ‘The Church’. – Pastor Glenn

Seven13 Church came out of their hearts desire to serve others and to communicate the gospel in a way that it can not only be understood but applied to daily living. They believe in the ONE MISSION of the Church which is to make disciples and have made it their personal mission to not only make disciples, but make disciples who make more disciples through the Love of Christ. The Love of Christ is the driving force of their personal life and ministry and they know this ONE LOVE to be the only way others come to know Father in a personal way that will pull them into a life well lived. They have a heart to see all churches succeed in the purpose God has for them and do not find it desirable to criticize, judge or speak badly of other gatherings of brothers and sisters just because they may be different, rather they have decided to celebrate them for their differences and for those who they are reaching for Christ. With a goal to just be a part of God’s mission the ONE CHURCH and to “Bring People To Life” Seven13 Church was birthed in their hearts.

Pastor Glenn Stokes, Mrs. Kimberly, Dylan with Titan, and Chelsea with Zeus.